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We will get you 3.5X more visibility by securing a minimum of 10 local media features and 50% more social media interactions within 90 days.Without any ad spend and extra costs.

Why Do You Need More Media Visibility?

Differentiation in a Crowded Market

  • Both industries grapple with intense competition, with numerous entities clamoring for consumer attention. Media visibility provides brands an avenue to narrate their unique story and establish a distinctive identity. Through media features, interviews, and spotlight events, brands can carve a niche and resonate strongly with their audience.

Building and Maintaining Trust

  • In the healthcare industry, decisions have a direct bearing on individual well-being, making trust vital. On the other hand, in the lifestyle product sector, consumers' personal identities and aspirations are intertwined with their choices. Media visibility ensures consistent, transparent communication, showcases achievements, and counters negative publicity, bolstering and sustaining this trust.

Safeguarding The Company's Reputation

  • Healthcare entities might face crises arising from medical challenges, while lifestyle brands can encounter product-related controversies. In these challenging times, media visibility is pivotal to manage the narrative, address concerns proactively, and steer the brand towards a positive path, ensuring that their reputation remains intact.

In the intersecting worlds of healthcare and lifestyle products, Media Visibility emerges as the key to ensuring trustworthiness, distinct brand positioning, and a robust brand reputation.

Case studies

Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle SpecialistsIndustry: Healthcare

  • 54 Media Features

  • Media Features got over 7.2 million combined viewership and readership

  • We leveraged our contacts within national publications, ensuring that are able to get the word out about their practice regionally and nationally

  • We were able to position them as an expert in podiatry within surgery, athletes' foot, sports medicine, and more.

The Frock ShopIndustry: Lifestyle Products

  • Featured in several prominent news outlets, including the Chicago Sun Times, within just a few months of launch

  • Multiple features in local fashion blogs and lifestyle magazines.

  • We helped set up a prom fashion show, got two media TV interviews and assisted in going above and beyond for the event.

  • As a result of our strategic campaign execution, consumers became more inclined to choose The Frock Shop over competing brands.

MIMIT HealthIndustry: Heaklthcare

  • 18 Media Placements

  • We helped MIMIT with local SEO due to our media features (interviews). We made sure that reporters hyperlinked their websites when they were covered

  • We also helped get them on local TV, which helped drive phone calls and sales to the office

Mango PickleIndustry: Lifestyle Products

  • Over 100 media placements within a year

  • Helped them get on the Chicago hot list at least 3 times in a row for Chicago Magazine.

  • Due to our effective publicity efforts, their brand recognition became so strong that they were awarded a Michelin star.

Dr. Mizuno/WeissIndustry: Healthcare

  • 11 media features

  • Our team works with hospital leaders and community-based hospitals, such as Weiss Memorial Hospital, where we can ensure recognition for the fantastic work these thought leaders do!

  • This helped drive traffic to Weiss Memorial for internal medicine care, along with COVID-19 vaccine efforts/events that were held

  • We put Dr. Mizuno at the forefront of everything COVID-19 related to local television, and local newspapers, and gave him a national platform

EON ClinicsIndustry: Healthcare

  • 10 Media Features

  • EON Clinics did not have any media visibility prior to our engagement with them, they were only investing in digital advertising.

  • We helped put them on the map and their founder was able to become a thought leader in his field, we were very excited that they received national and local attention in local newspapers and television.

  • This helped impact their brand awareness and helped get more sales calls leading to more growth and development.

What clients say...

An all-star women-owned business. What can you say to that? When you have a vision they know how to truly execute it.

— Theresa Siaw, Political Candidate for the 26th Ward

“Samantha and Exclusive PR are an impressive team. In one quarter, Remodista had over a dozen media placements including Women’s Wear Daily. Her passion is clear and coupled with an impeccable organization. I highly recommend you put your PR dollars here.”

— Kelly Stickel-CEO & Founder of Remodista

“I had the great pleasure of recently working with Sam and Exclusive PR on my company’s first ever PR campaign. Sam and her team helped us to secure media on multiple platforms, including TV, print and fashion blogs. She is extremely organized, communicates well and has excellent follow-up. She even went outsie of “regular PR duties” by giving us feedback on our overall brand, securing event sponsors and assisting at our fashion show, which was the culmination of our campaign. Sam provided the same knowledge, expertise and quality service you would expect to receive from a very large PR company. I was so pleased that I plan to use Exclusive PR again in the near future!”

— Jennifer Burrell-CEO & Founder of The Frock Shop Chicago

“Good job !!! The Tribune article is having an impact already. As of this morning, downloads are up 138%. We have had 72 downloads since the article came out. Will share more info next week in our monthly meeting.”

— Michael Asare, CEO & Founder of FeeBelly


Initial Consultation:
Our primary goal during this initial phase is to deeply understand your company, its essence, and what sets it apart. We'll conduct in-depth interviews, review existing materials, and perhaps run surveys or focus groups to understand your brand's unique values, aspirations, and challenges.


Research & Media List Crafting:
The purpose of this is to ensure the right media outlets are targeted for maximum impact. We will conduct comprehensive market and media research, analysis of audience behavior and preferences, and study successful media campaigns in your industry.


Aggressive PR Pitching:
The goal here is to capture media attention and secure high-impact features. We will craft compelling pitches tailored to each media outlet's style and preferences, leveraging previous successful pitches, and incorporating storytelling techniques to create a narrative around your brand.


Social Media Strategy Formation:
This would involve analyzing current engagement metrics, studying your target audience's online behaviors, and crafting strategies that foster genuine engagement. We'll also set up monitoring tools to promptly address any negative feedback, ensuring a pristine online reputation.


Content Creation:
Our professional copywriters and content strategists will work together to produce high-quality blogs, optimize website content, and craft marketing materials that align with the brand's voice and message.


Performance Review & Feedback:
This would ensure we keep the strategy aligned with your goals. It involves having regular review meetings, studying analytics and engagement metrics, and gathering feedback from your team.

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